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The Romagna Rally does not stop.

Just two months after the success of the 8th edition,
the campaign number 9 for the upcoming Rally has already begun,
which will have a lot of news from previous editions:
this event will become more and more international.

The Rally of Romagna as usual will take place in Riolo Terme,

always leaving and coming from the Rally Village in the city center.
Date chosen for 2018 are from 31 May to 4 June.

There will no longer be the Granfondo that in the past featured
on the second day of the race:
the bikers will be engaged in the first
Ultra Marathon of Romagna
on a distance of 90 kilometers with 2900 meters of altitude difference.

Entries will open on September 15th and the chests
will be limited to ensure maximum security for all participants.
For those who will register by October 31,
it will be possible to take advantage of discounted rates:
€ 200 per entry and race package;
€ 400 plus hotel and half board booking with race package.

The Rally of Romagna, just eight years after its birth,
is one of the most competitive events of its kind.
Demonstration is the third place in Europe for a number of participants,
who each year continue to increase so much
that they have to close the entries for organizers already in March.

With regard to the MTB world, the Rally of Romagna is one of the most popular
racing bikes in Europe. There are, in fact, very high percentage
of team inscriptions coming from Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany
and the Netherlands and Italian teams from all over the Italian peninsula.

The Rally organizers for issue number 8,
which was presented at Cortina d'Ampezzo last July,
have opened a promotional campaign that has kicked off from Spain
and will spin around the old Continent
to become more and more known and competitive.
This race is becoming a point of reference for all those
who want to take part in a mountain bike race that runs in several days.